Sort Out Your Finances

At this time of year, many people throw the budget out of the window and splurge, using the excuse of Christmas to cover their expenses. However, come January, your finances will be in a state of disarray. If your New Year’s resolution is to sort out your funds, this post will give you some top tips to help you out, both before and after the festivities.

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How ERP is a great resource for businesses

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the latest breed of computerised support systems designed specifically to help businesses become more efficient and more profitable. The Gartner Group first used the term ERP in 1990, when it created a new system to streamline manufacturing. By the mid-1990s ERP systems were being used outside of manufacturing, especially within accounting, maintenance and human resource management.

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Tips on How to Make Yourself More Employable

The job market is a challenging place. There are too few jobs and too many applicants. It can be difficult to land an interview let alone be awarded the job. If you are finding your job hunt to be a difficult process there’s no need to get disheartened, that won’t do you any favours. It’s time to get focused, proactive and make yourself more employable using the following tips.

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Planning ahead for you and your pets

Owning an animal can be very expensive. The money it costs over a lifetime runs into thousands of pounds.

Pet or horse insurance is a way to protect both your animal and your liability if any accidents or incidents are to take place. It is also a means of covering any unpredictable behaviour (i.e. straying) and provides you with peace of mind that if something was to happen, that your animal insurance will cover any expenses that may arise.

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